Content Marketing  is creating and sharing   free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is connected  to what you sell.

Content based Internet marketing gives the best long-term return on your investment of all online marketing strategies. You can literally start getting high-quality organic search traffic within days of starting a campaign.  Content marketing is playing an increasingly central role in the channel mix as marketers seek to enhance prospect and customer engagement and trust. Marketers are exploring all kinds of content  and right combination that will help achieve their objectives. Social media is considered the most important type used to improve sales and marketing effectiveness, cited by 80% of respondents. Marketers view content marketing overall as having its most significant impact on lead generation.

According to some predictions companies’ commitment to content marketing will increase rapidly. The study was based on an online survey of  b2b marketing professionals. There are two parts of content: one is the raw intelligence and information it provides that allow you to rise above the clutter. And then there is putting those insights into a package that is consumable and attractive and second ability to improve engagement with important audiences. Other popular types of content include online articles. Marketers can derive multiple uses from a single piece of content. Marketers’ budgets for content marketing are increasing. However, many marketers say their own companies’ effectiveness regarding content marketing is falling below what it should be.

Among social channels used to distribute content, marketers most often avail themselves of the “big three”—Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in that order. Content marketing strategy is to produce the video in the context of the larger outbound consumption streams and then merchandise the content to its fullest extent.